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I love, I want, I think


tradition, courage, beauty

I love

virtuosity and craftsmanship

concealed in Italian hands


la maestria e l’artigianalità

che si cela nelle mani italiane

In my job

i want to find

harmony between wishing and being


trovare con il lavoro

l’armonia tra essere e desiderare

I believe

in the stregth of tradition

in the courage to refuse to homologate

in the love for beauty


nella forza delle tradizioni

nel coraggio di non omologarsi

nell’amore per la bellezza


Valeria Damato was born in 1975 in Margherita di Savoia, Puglia, by the blue of the deep sea waters and the pink of the largest salt marshes in Europe.
In 2001 she graduates in law at the University of Siena and immediately moves to Rome where she starts working at the Chamber of Deputies. At the same time, she gets a higher degree from the Senior School for Law Studies.
In 2008, with great courage, she drastically changes life and work to create a small but truly Italian fashion business. In 2009 she moves to Maremma, fascinated by the beauty of this magical and savage land and, here, she puts heart and soul into her project presenting, in 2011, the SINAPSI’ line of preciously embroidered sophisticated swimsuits.
In 2014 she approaches a new reality: the beautiful and sophisticated Bergamo, and here she has the opportunity to discover the excellence of local craftsmanship. Through mutual and reciprocal cooperation with some local firms, pushed by her natural desire to find harmony between being and wishing, and pursuing her research activity around the world, she is able to further boost her activity as businesswoman and designer.
In 2016 she presents the new brand VALERIA DAMATO, to offer businesswomen, mothers and travelling women “par excellence”, comfortable, versatile and always fashionable clothing.